Tech Gap Solutions has decades of experience in the traceability trade and has developed a suite of solutions for different sizes of companies.


iKeep is an industrial level traceability system that makes uses RFID and barcodes to let producers know where each of their individual products is in their supply chain in real time. By integrating into the label printers and the logistics systems of production plants, iKbuseep can centralize the information needed to maintain quality controls required by law in the food and beverage industries.

The distinct components that go into production, individual batches, and the individual units of the final products can be traced both up and down the supply chain to suppliers and distributors as well as within the production process itself.

Having been developed for and used by world leading beverage producers for over a decade, iKeep is a mature and stable web based software solution that has already been integrated with many label printers and ERPs.



TRusT™ platform highlights the uniqueness and creativity of a territory, its local community, and reimagines the visitor experience of local and non local visitors. 

Single users, companies and organizations join TRusT™ to tell, through storytelling, images, videos, and multimedia materials, traditions and creativities of PEOPLE, the cultural and historical heritage of PLACES,  uniqueness of PRODUCTS (food or crafts) by showing transparency and traceability through storytelling.

With TRusT™ you expand your network joining projects, you increase awareness of your territory, your company or your community and the appreciation of places through itineraries.

Let yourself be fascinated by the projects realized with TRusT™, be inspired by them to create your stories and live a unique experience. Join the community!

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EDUtelling: VALUE your experience, HIGHLIGHT your professional skills, COMMUNICATE your achievements!

EDUtelling is designed for learning and development professionals and training organizations that want to develop innovative training programs to help the new generations in creating a narrative to successfully communicate their skills. 

EDutelling focuses on the student and its training process: he/she can track and document his/her training, uploading texts and multimedia content, and add value to his/her curriculum, which will become interactive and always accessible for changes and improvements. 

The Interactive CV allows training organizations to have an always updated student’s  database, and allows companies to choose the best candidate for the job, verifying his/her skills and competence acquired after the training course, and the ability to “know how to do” a job.


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