Transforming our long term vision
into scalable IT products.
Transforming our long term vision
into scalable IT products.

Who We Are

Tech Gap Solutions is a focused team of passionate software developers and engineers, with an emphasis on tailored client solutions that push the boundaries of technology and innovation. Projects extend internationally, with colleagues in Italy and the United States who create solutions developed for clients around the world, as well as the company’s main project, an in-house platform to connect producers and consumers together by enhancing marketing techniques with regional knowledge conservation. Working for Tech Gap Solution entails a balanced work life, engaging projects and a positive collaborative work environment.

Approach – “The Wisdom in Antiquity”

Our approach is a long-term commitment to our products and our customers. The trust we have developed with our clients gives us the opportunity to experiment with new technologies and push the boundaries of innovation. Our team prides themselves on a comprehensive knowledge base to face challenges and create solutions to our clients’ needs. As tech continues to evolve, Tech Gap Solutions is always searching for new ways and solutions to stay ahead of the curve and create a better future for all.

Working With Us

We want to work with people who are interested in learning everything about the tech products we are developing. Our full stack developers need to see through the technical details in order to have a clear picture of our customer’s specific use case. We need people who understand what they are building, who they are building it for, and why we are building it in the first place! Additionally, we believe in an apprenticeship model of software development where there are no more then 2 or 3 Junior Developers for every Senior Developer, and Senior Developers are empowered to help select who they work with.


We are constantly looking for new talents that want to grow up and to prove themself with a new challenging.

Our team wants to create a future’s path of technology, follow us, join to Tech Gap Solutions now!

Trasforming our long term vision into scalable IT products | Trasforming our long term vision into scalable IT products